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Caroline Tote

$389.95 inc GST

Miranda Tote

$349.95 inc GST

Faith Satchel

$349.95 inc GST

Nancy Wallet on a String

$249.95 inc GST

Katie Small Cosmetic Bag

$39.95 inc GST

Evie Purse

$89.95 inc GST

Gail Tote

$339.95 inc GST

Francis Sling

$229.95 inc GST

Jeni Crossbody

$279.95 inc GST

Judy Foldover Sling

$259.95 inc GST

Wanda Wallet

$129.95 inc GST

Libby Fold Glasses Case

$79.95 inc GST

Tuscany by Scala

The Scala woman is a collector of stylish, artisan pieces, that blend everyday usability with their distinctive look. She wants her accessories to make a statement and be a reflection of her unique style. Scala and Tuscany by Scala is an Australian owned brand which has been designing and manufacturing high quality leather goods since 1956. Scala’s range of fashion accessories leads the market in form, function and finish. From the finest leathers and components, Scala blends handcrafted production skills with superior component selection to create products like no other. Australia's unique culture and beauty have inspired us to supply products that Australians are proud to use. For stockists please contact us on 02 8338 7200 or