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French Country Sleepwear







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French Country sleepwear is more than beautiful prints, pretty colours and fresh whites.

The French Country woman seeks balance in her life so naturally, when spending quality time at home; she wants the ultimate in comfort and style for both herself and those she loves most.

It is the tradition of the finest cotton, hand embroidery, ribbons and lace in the beauty and romance that is the signature of French Country.

Soft, comfortable, cool, 100% cotton, feminine nighties, gowns and pyjamas, Cotton voile, cambric, hail spot and Broderie Analgise sleepwear trimmed with embroidery, lace and ribbon accents in the beauty and romance that has become the signature of French Country cottons. For winter we include beautiful cosy robes, brushed voiles and flannels, to create a sleepwear range like no other.

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