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Cellini Eden Continental Wallet CWI230


Cellini Paris Black RFID Continental Purse CW1212

Cellini Sport Mens Vespa Messenger Bag CMS102Cellini Sport Mens Vespa Messenger Bag

Cellini Sport Mens Nylon briefcase CMS101

Cellini Sport Mens Vespa Briefcase

Cellini Sport Mens Nylon Satchel CMS102


CWI222 Cellini Dover Coin Purse


CWI231 Eden Leather French Purse Camel


CWP200 Petra Trifold


Tuscany Card Holder CW0M23


Tuscany Medium Book Wallet CW0110


Alpha C/C Wallet CMH230


Alpha Flap Wallet CMH231


Alpha Tri Fold Wallet CMH232


Ashton Flap C/C Wallet CMH205


Ashton Tri Flap Wallet CMH204


Shelby Flap C/C Wallet CMH200


Shelby Flap C/C Wallet CMH220


Viper Flap C/C Wallet CMH211


Viper Stitch C/C Wallet CMH210


Assen Medium Wallet CW1194



Cellini has been an iconic Australian label since 1990. The Cellini woman is classically well dressed, with an eye for quality, form and function. She wants to combine style with practicality, for her everyday needs. The Cellini Leather and Heritage collection for women include handbags consists of handbags & wallets. The Cellini Heritage handbag collection includes finely crafted leather bags that celebrate our longevity in the Australian marketplace. The Cellini leather collection extends to mens wallets and business leather goods for men. The colourful and popular Cellini Sport collection includes distinctive, non-leather bags and wallets that complement and complete the wider Cellini brand. The Cellini brand was first launched through major department stores, and our handbags gained rapid popularity due to their style, practicality and superior quality. Today, Cellini is one of Australia’s most well-known handbag labels. Every Cellini bag is designed in Australia, and our products continually set new standards in terms of their innovative and practical designs and use of high quality materials. Cellini Leather and Cellini Sport products are available through an extensive network of independent fashion, handbag and footwear retailers, as well as through department stores. We are fortunate to have a loyal and passionate customer base that returns every season to secure the latest items in the collection.