What Does Your Bedtime Routine Look Like?

Do you have a bedtime routine? Most of us have at least a small routine that we follow every night. Even if it only consists of brushing your teeth and getting to bed before midnight. But having more complex bedtime routines can be even more helpful for your health than you had previously assumed.

Adults who follow a healthy bedtime routine experience the same benefits. They sleep better and longer and have noticeable health benefits. If you don’t have a consistent bedtime routine and are looking for some inspiration, here are some tips to getting a good night’s sleep:

As part of your bedtime routine enjoy a magnesium rich bath salts to relax the mind and muscles

Take a soak in the bath (or a relaxing shower)

A hot bath in the evening is a great way to prepare the body for a good night’s sleep. Make it more beneficial by adding sleep promoting bath salts. Bath salts contain magnesium which is absorbed through the skin. The warmth of the water soothes and helps to relax tired and aching muscles. Relaxation before bedtime is one of the key elements for greater healing to take place during sleep. This is when the body does most of its repairs.








Breathing and stretching relax the body and calm the mind

Do some light breathing and stretching exercises before heading to bed

Stretching loosens tight muscles and helps your body to let go of tension and move you to a more relaxed state. Breathing exercises also help to calm your mind. If you find your mind racing and unable to sleep because of it, start by breathing in for a count of 4 then out for the same count of 4. These breathing and stretching techniques will relax your body and calm your mind. This will help you drift off to sleep more easily and can improve everything from sleep quality to mental clarity. Sweet dreams!!






Write your thoughts down in a sleep journal or reading a book helps to calm the mind before sleep

There is nothing worse that lying in bed trying to get to sleep and all you can think about is what you did that day/or what you must do the next day. Writing your thoughts into a sleep journal or read a book helps to quiet your mind and to wind down. Another great option is to have a pen and notepad by your bed, so you can unload your thoughts onto the paper instead of the same thought processed repeatedly, as you are trying to get some well earnt sleep.








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