New Winter Warmers…

From top to bottom get cozy with our selection of women’s winter accessories. From chunky knits to sleek leather bags we’ve dotted our Is and crossed our Ts with this season essential styles.

Here’s our top 5 key pieces…

the Yen Fur Pompom Beanie, $24.95. the Yen Square Kerchief, $19.95the Yen Fleece Knit Vest, $89.95

the Cellini Leather Cameron Hobo, $289.95

the Yen Suede look spandex gloves, $19.95

Have a reason to get excited for the cooler months head, we collected pictures of the so-cozy things to keep you stylish and snug from head to toe.

Check out our library here…

On Sale

Sale!Yen Printed toteYen Printed Tote

Printed Tote

$34.95 $26.21 inc GST
Sale!Yen tie dye cotton capeyen tie dye cotton cape

Tie Dye Cotton Cape

$39.95 $29.96 inc GST
Sale!Yen Cotton coverupYEN COTTON COVERUP

Cotton Lace Trim Kaftan

$39.95 $29.96

Fray Straw Hat

$39.95 $27.97 inc GST