Geo Print Tote

$49.95 inc GST

Turn Up Brim Hat

$24.95 inc GST

Knitted Cloche

$39.95 inc GST

Snake Print Scarf

$24.95 inc GST

Tassel Knitted Hat

$49.95 inc GST

Stripe Zipper Poncho

$79.95 inc GST

Emily Crossbody

$149.95 inc GST

Lisa Crossbody

$139.95 inc GST

Lola Crossbody

$119.95 inc GST

Weave Mini Sling

$199.95 inc GST

Chunky Knit Scarf

$24.95 inc GST

Rivet French Purse

$99.95 inc GST

Rivet Mini Sling

$139.95 inc GST

Weave Hobo

$319.95 inc GST

Woven Leather Zip Wallet

$129.95 inc GST
yen mens chinstrap hatYEN mens chinstrap hat

Men's Chinstrap Hat

$29.95 inc GST
Yen essential wide brim hat

Essential Brim Knit Hat

$19.95 inc GST

Essential Crochet Hat

$19.95 inc GST


The Yen woman leads an energetic lifestyle and needs her accessories to compliment her fun fashion sense, whilst being practical and affordable for her everyday life. This fashionable and affordable accessories range is made to be enjoyed every day and fits seamlessly into the Australian way of life. Satisfying the needs for practical, well crafted, detailed and stylish accessories. This summer range is robust with accessories for every different style of woman and includes a wide spectrum of colours, graphic prints and sumptuous textures. For our stockists please contact ph: 02 8338 7200 or email: