Tuscany by Scala

Tuscany by Scala Megan wallet

Megan Wallet on a String

$199.95 inc GST
New ArrivalTuscany by Scala

Patricia Purse

$79.95 inc GST
New ArrivalTuscany by Scala Imogen French Purse

Imogen French Purse

$99.95 inc GST
New ArrivalTuscany by Scala Gigi french purseTuscany by Scala Gigi french purse

Gigi French Purse

$129.95 inc GST
New ArrivalTuscany by Scala Michelle WOAS

Michelle Wallet on a String

$249.95 inc GST

Sadie Zip Around Wallet

$139.95 inc GST

Hazel Panel Wallet

$139.95 inc GST

Julia Medium Wallet

$139.95 inc GST

Blossom Round Coin Purse

$59.95 inc GST

Chez Embossed Wallet

$109.95 inc GST

Tina Embossed Wallet

$139.95 inc GST

Renee A5 Zip around Folder

$129.95 inc GST

Brooke Continental Wallet

$129.00 inc GST

Aubrey French Purse RFID

$99.95 inc GST
Tuscany Scala Chez Wallet

Chez Flat Clutch Wallet

$99.95 inc GST

Meg Coin Purse Zip

$69.95 inc GST
Tuscany WalletTuscany by scala tina wallet

Tina Wallet Large Clutch

$139.95 inc GST

Suki Wallet Long w/Inser

$139.95 inc GST


Women’s accessories and handbags are the perfect complement to a woman who exudes self-confidence and style. Encouraging professionalism while still radiating charm, fashion accessories can add that extra panache to an ensemble. From totes and to belts and wallets, you’re sure to find the perfect accessory for your outfit!

Whether you’re at the office or on your day off, accessories correspond with both a casual and professional style. Choose from amazing bag styles like crossbody handbags, slings, satchels, wallets and totes. Then top off the look with hats, gloves and scarves during the winter or Sunhats During The Summer.

Accessories and Style is the online retail arm of Paragold Distributors Pty Ltd and Cutting Edge Corporation, offering designer accessories, from sophisticated Italian leather handbags to everyday essential sun hats and beach bags for both women and men and fine 100% Cotton sleepwear products for women and girls.

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